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What we do

InTec Agro Trials has the know-how and equipment to grow all important crops found in Europe (cereals, maize, sugar beet, potatoes, oil- and protein crops, field vegetables …). Connected to our field station in Uherský Ostroh we run an arable farm with 60 ha land. This gives us flexibility in establishment and maintenance of crops as an ideal base for your field trials.

Trials in permanent crops, such as top fruits, wine or hops are carried out on leased fields in the regions typical for each crop. We offer an extensive range of experiments for the testing of agrochemicals, biological products, biostimulants, fertilizers and seeds:


  • Herbicide screens
  • Methods and technique for incorporation of weeds seeds into the soil for an optimized, species-rich and dense weed spectrum
  • Irrigation system to guarantee the emergence of crops and weeds as well as the full activation of the test products
  • Good knowledge about presence of weeds on our own fields and on farmers’ fields in the region for trials on indigenous weeds


  • Many years of experience with all significant diseases in arable crops, vegetables, wine and top fruits
  • Methods of promoting diseases (irrigation, inoculation, variety selection)
  • Seed treatment trials


  • Know-how concerning all common pests
  • Methods for the support of homogenous, dense populations
  • Seed treatment trials


  • Testing of breeding material in small plots up to big variety trials
  • Modern technology for drilling and harvesting trial plots
  • Customer-specific trials and trial site selection
  • Screening of disease resistance

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